Archambault Calls on Kilmartin to Release 38 Studio Investigation Documents

State Senator Steve Archambault (D-22) today called on Attorney General Peter Kilmartin to seek Court Permission to release the documents stemming from the 38 Studios Investigation. Archambault said, “In order to make sure a debacle like 38 Studios never happens again, we need all the information about how it occurred. Rhode Islanders deserve to know the whole and unvarnished truth . It is only by getting all the facts out that we can learn from our mistakes and make sure this kind of large-scale waste of taxpayers’ money never happens again.”

Archambault continued, “The public interest requires the release of these records They can provide a big piece of the puzzle..I call on Attorney General Kilmartin to immediately take all the steps needed to secure their release.”

Senator Archambault served as a member of the State Senate Oversight Committee that held hearings on 38 Studios.